feminine leadership book cover

When the Ladies Run the Show

Feminine Leadership
or How to Succeed in Business Without Being One of the Boys

The basic theme of this book is that women can use feminine traits to succeed in leadership roles. The ladies are evidently really good at feelings and can be more intuitive leaders than the guys. The 70s and 80s were loaded with this kind of literature as women started entering professions previously off limits. I was one of those who would suck these books up like they were water. Most of the time, these books were little help in navigating a career in the real world. It’s not like senior management grabbed on to these concepts and welcomed women with open arms.

Job fun

Fun at Work (Really!)

This Job Should Be FUN!
Basso and Klosek

I love reading books about management and office culture. This book caught my eye because it had a guy with a bunch of balloons on the cover. Nothing says fun like balloons.

As a person who has been a working stiff since the 1970s, I have seen more “new” ideas come and go throughout my work history. Things I have been subjected to:

  • a laugh therapist (I wasn’t quite sure what that was about. I hardly laughed, though.)
  • a talking stick for meetings (hold a stick when it is your turn to talk)
  • team building exercises
  • ice breakers
  • sharing feelings