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Not so Magnificent

Magnificent Macrame

Another macrame book for your consideration. I dislike this one for being ridiculously oversized and square. (I really dislike oversize books.) If macrame is your thing, than I suppose this isn’t too bad. The crafts seem to be mostly wall hangings. (Ugh!) There is also that earthy 1970s brown, harvest gold, and avocado green theme throughout the book. I think it is time to admit that maybe 1970s decor wasn’t that great. (In case you need more evidence: this book on home decor, or this one, and especially this one by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

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No! Knot Again!


Time to take another ride in the way back machine to the early 1970s for some more groovy macrame. There are some nice choices in accessories for both home and to wear. Note the collar necklace. I am trying to think of an occasion that would call for such a necklace, but I am fresh out of ideas. Maybe you should pair it with the “skirt” featured in the next picture. (I think it goes without saying that you will need some kind of legging under the skirt.)

In the final picture there is a “vest” to wear, which I thought was a tote bag. Of course I have to wonder what one would wear underneath. Next to the vest there is some kind of costume. Maybe it is for a Halloween party where you are dressed up as a macrame wall hanging.

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Introducing Macrame

Introducing Macrame

It’s been a while since I ran into a macrame book. So I was kind of excited to jump into this gem. Actually, I ended up being a bit disappointed because it wasn’t as awful as I expected. I miss the ridiculous clothing from this book. And this one. And this one too.

This book was more about “look at macrame” rather than how to do macrame. Even in 1970, this probably wasn’t a great public library purchase. I would have been more interested in titles that showed some instruction.

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Macrame Hangers for Small Spaces

Macramé Hangers for Small Spaces
Craft Course Publishers, Inc.

Submission: I found this crafty little book hiding in our stacks recently. My family’s first apartment in the 80’s had the same wallpaper as page 13.

Holly: You know, the house I grew up in had similar wallpaper in our kitchen! We also had the macrame hanger.

Mary: I got a similar wall hanging (pg. 7) for a wedding present. I re-gifted it to a friend, and she did similar. I am sure it is in a landfill, where it belongs.

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Why Knot?

Why Knot

Time to get groovy with some macrame wall hangings and other crafty stuff. My personal favorite is the lampshade, however the wine “rack” comes in at a close second. Just about everyone I knew back in the day had some kind of macrame plant holder. I have seen newer editions of macrame and bought one for the collection. Circulation is meh. I am not sure that macrame will make a big comeback, but you never know. Trends come and go, and everything old will b new again. Hopefully, I won’t be alive to see it.

Stay Groovy!

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Decorate Your Home with Macrame!

Macrame Open House

My new collection responsibilities include crafting, so naturally I am running into tons of titles featuring some of this lovely crap, I mean stuff. Macrame books have been a staple at ALB and this book fits right in to our growing archive of macrame. My particular favorite of this book is featured in the last picture below. Who wouldn’t want a patriotic themed wall hanging of a Ewok-looking Uncle Sam? It also might be a cat face. I’m not sure. (Special Note: I am well aware of the fact that Return of the Jedi was not released until 1983, so we can assume the crafter was NOT going for a Star Wars theme.)

May the crafting force be with you,