Filing Catalog Cards

File those cards properly!

>ALA Rules for Filing Catalog Cards

Submitter: This book is particularly awful as it was on the regular non-fiction shelf in a high school library.  This wasn’t even on a professional shelf being kept for historic value after the elimination of the card catalog 35 years ago!  It was actually there for student use!  It is also an unbelievably unnecessary tome; any librarian (or anyone with an ounce of common sense) could figure out how to alphabetize the card catalog without this instructional manual.

Holly: What a colossal waste of space.  It is kind of neat as a historical perspective, but unless that is your library’s mission – to keep things for historic value – then it is really useless.  Put it in someone’s office, where it will be found when they retire 30 years from now.  We’ll post it again when you find it there in 2043 (on it’s 101st birthday).