Columbus cover

Columbus and the Age of Exploration

Columbus and the Age of Exploration
Ross & Stott

Submitter: I am a youth services librarian in a public library and this book was recently brought to my attention from a patron. Upon examining, with much giggles and then gasps of horror from ALL the staff, we decided it would be best to pull this one from our JUVENILE NON-FICTION (!!!) collection. While there may be a blurb along the side captioning the thoughts of the new peoples and places that the early explorers may find, it’s still rather a disturbing addition to ANY collection.

Holly: I’m pretty sure cannibalism is not part of common core curriculum.

Behave in Public cover


What to do when your Mom or Dad says “Behave in Public!”

I keep thinking maybe the author hasn’t actually been to a major sporting event (hockey in Detroit comes to mind),  Catholic church or a synagogue, or worked retail.  Otherwise she might do some actual explaining to kids.  I will spare you all 46 pages of this book, but you will get the drift from our few highlights here. I love how parents are absent from these illustrations. Also, our friend Joy has not mentioned the public library in her many places that might require appropriate behavior.