male husbandry cover

Take my wife!

Male Husbandry
or Conditioning Your Man to Marriage

If you are in the mood for some throwback humor from the 1950s, here is your opportunity to joke with those poor henpecked husbands. The premise is how to train your husband, since he is nothing but a barely civilized dolt. The author offers wives some helpful “training” tips to get your man in line-mostly through emotional manipulation and subterfuge. Hilarity at its finest. (Insert rim shot)

Since this was plucked from a university collection, I won’t say automatically weed. It might fill some research needs. I am old enough to remember this kind of humor, but this is a poor example and it goes on way too long.

the working woman book front cover

Be a Working Woman!

Working Woman
Barbara and Jim Dale

For a hot minute, I thought this Jim Dale was the actor who read the Harry Potter series on audio books. I was wrong. This Jim Dale partnered with his then wife Barbara Dale and made a few of these humor/cartoon books about working, marriage, and parenting, etc. They also started a cartoon strip in the 1990s that tried to capitalize on the parenting, marriage, family thing. It didn’t really go anywhere and was probably a bit too edgy for the newspaper. The Dales were also involved with creating greeting cards. The Dales divorced and Barbara bought Jim out of the greeting card business. These cartoons are dated, but they are also on point and probably a bit edgy for the time.

Hands on book

Sexy Home Improvement

Hands On
A Manual for Getting the Job Done

How about a little man candy to start your day?

Riffing on the home improvement theme, the author incorporates some photos with some not too subtle puns. The author is a professional photographer and published Porn for Women, which had a similar set up. Instead of sexy guys vacuuming or taking care of a baby, this time we have sexy guys doing home improvements. I loved both books.

Holly often talks about serendipity in library collections. This is one of those fun books that is readable in 5 minutes. You have a chuckle or two, and then set it back on the cart. More than a few times, I have seen people sit on the floor, right in the stacks and read a book. Unfortunately, these books might not register on a circulation report. As much as Holly and I talk a ruthless game in weeding, this is one situation where circ reports could be misleading. Books like this should be front facing and available for someone to just thumb through the book. I want patrons to just happen upon books like this, just to break up their library fun.