365 shortcuts to decorating

365 Shortcuts to Decorating

365 Shortcuts to Decorating

Looking for some decorating tips? Here is your book! The author sure did love prints. I got a headache just looking through the overwhelming of matching….everything. It is also amusing to take a look at study areas and realize there is no room for any kind of computer, printer, etc. The matching look was quite the trend back in the day. I think most of this resembles homes I remember from when I was a kid. 

I was just reading an article (I can’t remember where/what) but it talked about how the pandemic has changed what people are now wanting in home design. Dedicated office space and larger spaces were at the top of the wish lists for new homes. Can you imagine spending the pandemic working from small desks and then trying to relax in that awful bedroom?

country crafts cover

Country themed crafts for home decor

American Country-Crafts
Time-Life Books

This is part of a 15 volume set on country themed art. The books have various themes: Country Kitchen, Country Quilts, Country Style, Country Entertaining, Country Furniture, etc. I guess if you really want to be “country-styled” this is the set for you. Personally, I think this is probably overkill. This book isn’t really for the “how-to” craft crowd. It is more about stylized decorating with the crafty looking items. I can’t imagine what the library was thinking by adding this book. Want to bet it was in a donation pile and someone thought it looked like it was in great shape?