Mind and Vision cover

Mind and Vision

Mind and Vision: A Handbook for the Cure of Imperfect Sight Without Glasses
(7th Ed.) 1978

Submitter: We are a small public library. I found this in the health section. It was added in 2007 and, apparently, not donated but in fact purchased with real money from Amazon for $9.95. There is potentially helpful advice in this book. Unfortunately it also suggests that staring into the sun, with your eyes closed, will cure the need for corrective lenses. It was a shelved in 617.7, near books on LASIK. This book is a wonderful example as to why we need to weed our health sections regularly.

Holly: Well, dang, if I knew that I wouldn’t have spent $600 on bifocals!

Women's Health Today cover

Women’s Health Today

Women’s Health Today 2001: The Latest Breakthroughs for the Female Body

Submitter: This may not be horrible, but at 20 years it’s definitely past its prime. Not being a woman myself, some of the information looked questionable and so I asked my young work-study what she thought. She asked me who Debbie Reynolds is. Sigh… Now the gray hairs in my temples feel so much more prominent.

Holly: And, of course, half the book is about weight loss, age-proofing, and belly-flattening.

troubled tummy cookbook

Cooking for your troubled tummy

The Troubled Tummy Cookbook
Recipes and Diets

Aside from the dumb title, this book was just fine for the 1970s. The troubled tummy part of this is geared to diets for post surgery, and specific conditions such as heart disease and ulcers. During the 1970s and into the 1980s, ulcers were believed to be caused by stress and overly spicy food. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that a course of antibiotics to kill the bacterium H. pylori. (The story of finding a “cure” for the peptic ulcer disease is a fascinating story.) This truly makes a good portion of this book obsolete by the late 1980s.

expectant motherhood book

Doctor knows best!

Expectant Motherhood
Eastman and Russell

Obviously this is a slam dunk as far as weeding goes. Not only is it outdated but the condescending advice is ridiculous. There is an admonition against taking advice from your bridge club and only talk to the doctor. My particular favorite piece of advice is to be kind to the men who are training as doctors.