Rule Breaker cover

NLW Special: Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker

In honor of National Library Week 2021, ALB is presenting some library and library-themed books. We are kicking off our week with a romance!

Our man of the hour, Rand Marshall, heard there was a children’s librarian named Jamie who turned down all the cool guys for dates. Rand was up for the challenge. Rand also has a secret identity as Brick Lawson, a best selling author of action thrillers that are wildly popular, but universally panned by the highbrow literary types.

Our meet cute starts with Rand hitting on our librarian by asking for a book by Brick Lawson. Of course, Jamie is all about quality literature and rolls her eyes at his request. (Very bad librarianship, Jamie – we don’t comment on customer choices).

Liberated Lady

Friday Fiction: Liberated Lady meets Obnoxious Guy

Liberated Lady

I am a fan of the romance genre. I read these in high school and off and on. I still like a well crafted romance with smart dialogue and interesting characters. This isn’t that book. Even my 1970s self probably would have dumped this title fast. Once again we have our favorite romance trope where obnoxious guy and nice girl fall in love.

The set up is that our heroine, Sara, is de-facto guardian of her step sister, Nicky. Nicky wants to get married to her boyfriend, Richard. Sara knows they are too young, and is trying to get these crazy kids to slow down. Wouldn’t you know it? Richard’s uncle is ultra obnoxious Alex Brandon. The dialogue is bullying and there is thinly veiled violence.

Prince of Darkness cover

Friday Fiction: Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness

A big handful of these old romance novels showed up in the library donation pile recently and I was loving some of the titles and covers. Today, I present for our Friday Fiction selection Prince of Darkness.  Nice English girl Cassandra, with some pedigree and ability to speak French, meets a tall dark stranger called Elliot. By page 3 they are married. Of course the trouble then starts. He works too much and she is bored. Mean things are said and Cassandra walks out. Fast forward a few years and Elliot comes back into her life.