Clip a Poodle cover

Poodle Pomadours

Know How To Clip A Poodle
The Pet Library LTD

Submitter: This little bit of fluff crossed my desk because of its condition. It was split right down the middle as you can see in picture #2 / the spread. We won’t be sending this one off to the binder and instead be tossing it in the dog pound, I mean recycling bin.

Holly: My husband’s grandma has a standard poodle. I’ll have to send her the link to this post to get her opinion.

I don’t understand the Royal Dutch Clip. Basically, just shave the dog bald around its middle and down to the poofed tail? But…whyyyy?

God Likes Clean Hands

Young Only Once
Secrets of Fun & Success

Another guide for Christian Teens. Lots of helpful advice on how to be more likeable. Evidently, “using good English” is important in the likeability game. Ladies, you need to be up on the latest in household management, child care, and possibly support your family. Remember, it’s up to you to make sure your spawn are raised properly so they won’t be a “misfit”.  Finally, you really need to clean up. No one wants to hang around someone who smells.

Dick Clark grooming

America’s Oldest Teenager

Dick Clark’s Easygoing Guide to Good Grooming

Submitter: We decided to delete it from our collection because it didn’t seem relevant – even though Dick Clark still looks better than most of our patrons.

Holly: Ha ha! Before his stroke, he was one of those people who never seemed to age at all, hence his nickname “America’s Oldest Teenager.” He still looks pretty good! This book has aged more than he has. Must be all that stationary bike riding.

“For now, Dick Clark…so long!”
Happy New Year!