Making Your Garden Bush Friendly cover

Bush Friendly

Making Your Garden Bush Friendly: How to Recognise and Control Garden Plants which Invade Sydney’s Bushland

Submitter: We are an academic library serving a landscape program. While right-sizing the collection this week, I found this unfortunate processing fail. For the record, the barcode is covering the word Garden.

Holly: (Snort!)

greenhouse gardening book

Get yourself a greenhouse

Greenhouse Gardening

Quite a few Sunset books have made an appearance here on ALB. (Pop Sunset into the search box for our site and see for yourself.) These books have been around forever. They are usually home and garden topics. The cookbooks from the 60s and 70s are something to behold.

For a library collection, I think these books have a place. They are recognizable and the titles are extremely helpful in describing the book. The actual quality varies from book to book. I think they are geared to the DIY crowd.

The first half of the book is about building a greenhouse. I actually liked some of the options. The second half is more gardening advice. Hydroponics and specialty plants like orchids, African violets, succulents, and cacti are discussed within the context of a greenhouse. Not bad.