football for women cover

Feminine Football

Football For Women
and men who want to learn the game

Ladies! Are you a bit slow when it comes to understanding football? Are you embarrassed to ask a man to explain the game? Well it is time to step up and learn the game, with help from this lovely feminine styled football instruction book. Written especially for women so you can understand the intricacies of this extremely complicated game. I am sure they will use small words to make it easier for feminine minds.

Washington Redskins

A Flag on the Play

Washington Redskins
NFL Up Close

Since this is a bit more serious than just a discussion on a book, I am filing it under the Practical Librarian tab. This post is a bit longer than usual and illustrates one of the bigger philosophical aspects of collection development. I am only raising questions, and as usual, I am not telling anyone to weed or not weed a particular title. This is only my opinion and reflects some of the discussions I have had with my colleagues.

I was filing some books and this one jumped out at me. It is your basic football book outlining some key players and brief (very brief), sanitized, history of the franchise. Most public library collections probably have a similar set, with extra books on the hometown favorite. My library has a book on all the NFL franchises, but as we are in Metro Detroit, our sports choices will naturally favor Detroit area sports teams.

O J Simpson Biography cover

Even More Juice

O.J. Simpson: Football’s Record Rusher

Submitter:Hard to recall a time when “O.J. Simpson” connoted “great football player” in the zeitgeist.  Oddly enough, he didn’t play for the (Ford) Broncos, but for the Buffalo Bills.  This is the last page of the book, but I think there was more excitement in his life yet to come, even more exciting than a Super Bowl.

Holly: Ha!  The “Ford Broncos!”  That’s funny!  1974?  What’s the point of a book about OJ Simpson from 1974?  The chapter called “Feeling Sorry for OJ” takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?