looking terrific cover

Fashion 101

Looking Terrific
Cho and Grover

First, props to the author for using the word “weeding” with respect to one’s personal wardrobe. Second, I kind of like how this book is set up with before and after. As a certified Glamour “don’t”, this is much better at illustrating the concepts of the author.  I actually understood what the author was trying to present. Fashion choices for both before and after? Yikes!  We really had hideous clothes back in the 1970s.

beauty and hair fashions

Break Out the Curlers!

Beauty and Hair Fashions
by Suzanne

Do you want some nice hairstyles? This little book will help you put the curlers in the right place so you will look your best. I would like to point out that all the curlers for each style are pretty much identical, yet we have a variety of hairstyles. Of course this is long before common use of blow dryers. I remember sitting with curlers under a bonnet dryer.

The styles themselves are a bit interesting. Check out the long snake-like pony tail. I don’t recall that style ever being one that caught on. In the 1960s, I dreamed of having hair like Marlo Thomas on That Girl. In the 1970s, it was Dorothy Hamill and Farah Fawcett hair. I failed spectacularly at all of these attempts.

knitted vests

Fashion Vests

Shrink Tops
Seven Styles to Crochet and Knit

That lovely vest on the cover reminds me of several (yes, more than one) I wore when I was a teen. They all had that crochet circular design on the front in outrageous color combinations. I never heard them referred to as shrink tops, though. The other sweaters aren’t nearly as bad as the cover. I think these patterns could work today, with some more modern colors and patterns. Sweaters aside, the more interesting look is the shorts/tights combo that the girl on the back cover is wearing. I think the elephant belt buckle really pulls this together.