Telephone Time cover

Telephone Time

Telephone Time
A First Book of Telephone Do’s and Don’t’s

Another cutting edge technology book for kids. Actually, this is more etiquette for the telephone. Oh how I wish that people actually practiced etiquette with cell phones, but that rant is for another day.

In this particular tale, we are treated to some phone etiquette from a fairy called Ringalina. (I kid you not!) She instructs the Willis children, Lily and Willy, on how to use the phone. The drama comes when Mrs. Willis leaves 7 year old Lily and her younger brother Willy alone while she runs next door. Of course the phone rings and out pops the phone fairy Ringalina to pass on words of wisdom. Never tell someone on the phone you are alone, take a message, don’t call long distance (it’s too expensive), and of course be polite. Where Child Protective Services is in all of this drama is NOT addressed.

Emily Post cover

How Rude!

The New Emily Post’s Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage

This is a cool book from a nostalgia point of view.  I enjoyed leafing through it (until my lungs exploded from dust and mold spores, that is.)  However, the school library this came from is not really the place for it anymore.  Kids aren’t interested, and teachers can’t teach from it because it’s so horribly old fashioned.
Check out these excerpts:

  • A governess? When was the last time people used that term? And, wow, that would NOT have been the job for me in 1959 if those were the expectations.
  • Trousseau.No one has a trousseau. They just load up on expensive crap on their wedding gift registry. I have been married since 1996, and I still don’t own half of this stuff. 8 sheets for each bed? 2 blanket covers made of “washable silk or fine cotton”? Nope.
  • “Paying a visit to a lady who has no maid.” Ha ha ha ha ha!! When I go to Mary’s house, she always says it’s the maid’s day off. She’s never invited me onto her “veranda,” though. How rude!