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Family Rooms, Dens, and Studios
Sunset Books

Are you a retro hipster writer looking for that special space to create the next great American novel? This book has lots of ideas for converting that corner, basement, or garage into your studio. Most of the ideas are for small offices. I counted no less than 10 pictures of typewriters artfully placed on neat desks. I am convinced no one really does actual work in these spaces; they just look too tidy and are created to make people like me feel bad for not staying better organized. But I digress.

While decorating is a matter of style, there is a function to specialty rooms that need to consider changes in technology. While the concept might be okay, modern offices – even home offices – have a completely different set up for modern technology. Where do we put the printer/fax? How about all the electrical requirements for modern tech? I don’t think an extension cord is the answer.

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Furniture Freak Out

The Personal Touch in Interior Decorating

I love the retro decorating books. Today’s choice is a bit different. Nearly the first third of the book is establishing your personal taste. I thought this was a pretty clever idea, especially for someone like me that has zero artistic talent.

So, among the advice and discussion, our author takes us through a quiz, to find out our style. Most of it is okay, but there are several that just seem weird. For example, there are some drawing of table legs and you have to identify your favorite. I kept thinking about what each leg meant. It felt like some bizarre Rorschach test. I also couldn’t pick a “favorite”. Now I am looking a table legs everywhere.

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Manly Home Decor

The Power Look at Home
Decorating for Men
F├╝rstenberg and Fisher

These are quite the looks for that man wishing to make a statement about his home. We have a few choices such as: the statue in the kitchen, the bed that looks like a cage, and some weird looking art. Don’t miss the giant TV relic (complete with some awesome rabbit ears!) Not really sure, but I am not getting the power vibe given these designs. I think Prince Egon should have taken some advice from first wife Diane.