online seduction

Cyber Seduction

Online Seductions

Before all the dating apps, Facebook, and other social media all sorts of interactions were happening in the early media of AOL, Prodigy, and BBS groups. The author professes to neither be “for” or “against” online matches. She has mostly anecdotes of both successful and not so successful matches.

Online dating is pretty mainstream now, so although her advice is not wrong, it is out of date. Time to let this one go and update with something from this century.

Finding Mr. Right cover

Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right

I know some of you have been missing our expert on the ladies, Don Diebel. Long time ALB folks will remember his wonderful advice for meeting women. I know everyone appreciated his stalker tactics and cheesy pick up lines.

This time Don has advice for the ladies! You can find those high quality men by hanging out in hotels, clubs, supermarkets, and human potential groups. He also talks about drugs. No, he doesn’t endorse them, but if they help you loosen up, what’s the harm?

Take a peek at some of this wonderful inside scoop into the mind of those “available” men. You will be happy to know that men helpfully gave Don exclusive interviews to let those ladies know what men don’t like.

Date Abuse cover

Watch out for bad boyfriends

Date Abuse

Again we have an important topic, totally appropriate for teen collection in a public library.  However the cover art is just dated and more than a little odd.  It looks like our abuser is trying to lift her up by the belt loops. I get the feeling they wanted a threatening cover, but not “too” threatening. I absolutely think this book is a weeder just on the cover alone. Regardless, I would also like to point out the “don’t blame the victim” speech followed by the comments about how dressing a certain way sends the wrong message.  (Just to be fair…)