magical cakes

Magical Decorated Cakes

Pasteles Magicos Decorados
Welsh, French

Submitter: Here is book I just discarded from our library collection. The title of our book is Magical Decorated Cakes. I also took a picture of one of the cakes inside the book, a typewriter cake.

Holly: These cakes are awesome!  This book would be REALLY cool if it showed you how to make a cake in the shape of an iPhone or an eReader.  Unfortunately…it doesn’t.

Recipes from the East

Recipes from the East

Recipes from the East

Submitter: I told my principal this morning that if he ever hears someone tell me “Oh, I know Exactly what kind of books you’d like,” he should kick me under the table.

Holly: That is the most awful cover I’ve ever seen. The real question is, how did something spiral bound last 55 years?!