76 ways to get organized for christmas

Project Christmas

76 Ways to Get Organized for Christmas
McCullough and Cooper

This book is my kind of nightmare. These women probably start planning the Christmas on December 26. Obviously, from the introduction, you can already tell they have wayyy too much spirit. All that is missing is a Gantt chart and a Powerpoint. Since this book was published prior to many of those project management tools, I guess we can let it go. That alone makes this book a weeder.

Farm Journal Christmas Book - cover

Crap for Christmas

Farm Journal Christmas Book

Submitter: This book was checked out in 1974 and not returned to us until this week. I guess someone thinks we might want to add it back to our collection, but I think we’ll skip it. Between the scary jello-based food, the horrid-looking craft projects, and some of the politically incorrect gifts to make, it was hard to decide what to include.  So here’s jewels-in-a-ring with a “new” type of cream cheese frosting, some unidentifiable papier-mache products, and an apron for the woman of the house (a.k.a. the vice-president). Looks like a lot of libraries still own this…