Learning about sexual abuse

Uncle Brian is a Criminal

Learning About Sexual Abuse
Aho and Petras

This type of material is one we see quite often on this site. (Click here to see Mr T help kids, or this gem of a book that tells kids that sex abuse will make you gay.) Most of it dates from the 1980s and 90s when there was a lot of hysteria associated with stranger danger, sex abuse, and other crimes against children.

Regardless, this book is still dated. Most of the perpetrators are portrayed as having “problems” or are misunderstood. Unfortunately, no one seems to get these people arrested and charged with a crime. However, they do do get counseling or “help”. Note the final line in the story where Uncle Brian is evidently still allowed to hang out with the family. Evidently, just some once a week counseling and a “good talking to” by Laura’s parents will fix Uncle Brian right up. Notice how no one helps Laura and she still has to hangout with creepy Uncle Brian.

Child Abuse Help Book cover

Child Abuse Help

The Child Abuse Help Book
How to understand and cope with violence in the home

I plucked this from a teen nonfiction collection.  Both the cover art and title are disturbing.  For a brief moment, I thought this title was a “how-to” type book.  I think this book is typical of those social topic oriented titles that are used for a school paper.  Resources and advice are limited.  For Michigan, there is a government  address in Lansing you can write for “information” that I am quite certain is out of date. I have included some sample pages and I will let you draw your own conclusions on the value for student research.

The one positive this author did say is that the public library is a source of information on coping with child abuse situations. Too bad it is not this particular book. Let this be one of those posts that reminds you to go weed the 300s, especially in teens/youth.

When Children Invite Child Abuse

A great choice for a parenting collection!

When Children Invite Child Abuse: A search for answers when love is not enough

A fellow Michigan ALB spy has given us this gem! I am speechless just on the title alone! Who on earth is the target market for this book? Abusers looking for an “out”? Question to the public library with this holding: are child abusers one of your major patron groups that you feel are being under served by the public library?