Doing Business in Mexico cover

Doing Business in Mexico

Doing Business in Mexico
Engholm and Grimes

Submitter: [Edited by Holly for length] I picked up this book because the company I work for is starting to do business in Mexico. But it was copyrighted in 1997! In the particular area where we do business, our counterparts in Mexico are telling us that things have been changing in the last few years. But I’m wondering what else has changed since the internet was spun?

Women in management

Management for Ladies

The Woman’s Guide to Management Success
How to Win Power in the Real Organizational World

This is a “how to get along with boys” book for women in the office. There is lots of deconstruction of management style, self-esteem, and communication. The hip theory of this time was Transactional Analysis (TA). I had a professor back in the day that talked like this the entire semester. Drove me crazy with the constant discussions of everyone’s ego states. No, this was not a psychology class, it was a teacher education class about curriculum design. It was over 35 years ago, but all I can remember is being irritated trying to talk to this guy and him not hearing me, all while telling me that I’m okay.

dress for success cover

Dress Like a Pro

The Woman’s Dress for Success Book

Submitter #1: I am submitting a fun little book from the late 1970’s that advises women on how to dress for success in the workplace and the bedroom. By fun I actually mean horrifying. The author tries to acknowledge the sexist world women were grappling with at the time, but is definitely blinded by his own impulses in that direction. There’s some racist sections, too, so black women get a double whammy.

The attached photos include some of my very favorite sections, including the intro titled “Bedroom or Boardroom-Your Choice”, a wonderful illustration of a “Don’t” workplace outfit, a section explaining how black women lawyers should dress for optimum impact on white men and black men, and an intro to the section on attracting a nouveau riche man.

Submitter #2: This book is so over-the-top ridiculous I don’t even know where to start. I can’t believe it was on the NY Times best seller list and I can’t believe we only just weeded it this past year. Inside John T. Molloy assures us that all the information in the book was very scientifically compiled from interviewing employees at “Fortune 500 companies” which he does not deign to list. I would feel so much better if he just admitted that he made it all up in his head or from throwing a darts at women’s clothing catalogs.