slim goodbody cover

Slim Goodbody

Submitter: I found this as I was weeding the children’s section of our public library. It’s copyright is 1977; it was acquired in 1982; it hasn’t been checked out since 1997.  My first thought when I pulled the book off the shelf was, “Is that Bob Saget?” The nicest thing I can say about the pictures is that they are dated. Some are actually slightly disturbing, like the centerfold pose illustrating digestion. Honestly, I was too distracted by the guy wearing the unitard that I couldn’t concentrate on any of the information presented in this book. Some further Internet research revealed some YouTube clips of Slim Goodbody [such as this one]. Slim Goodbody is also still touring the US and giving presentations at elementary schools. I can only hope his books have been updated a little bit.