touched Jerry Sandusky story


Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story
Sandusky with Richeal

Submitter: Hello, I’m a librarian in [NY] and a huge college football fan.  Shortly after the sex abuse scandal at Penn State I decided to look on amazon and in our library catalog to see if we had anything by or about Jerry Sandusky. There are 14 copies of his unfortunately titled autobiography, Touched, floating about according to WorldCat.

Penn State University Library owns a copy of Touched and it looks like they put the book in protective custody in “nocirc” archives.

I think the autobiography of an accused child molester called “Touched” qualifies as an awful library book.

O J Simpson Biography cover

Even More Juice

O.J. Simpson: Football’s Record Rusher

Submitter:Hard to recall a time when “O.J. Simpson” connoted “great football player” in the zeitgeist.  Oddly enough, he didn’t play for the (Ford) Broncos, but for the Buffalo Bills.  This is the last page of the book, but I think there was more excitement in his life yet to come, even more exciting than a Super Bowl.

Holly: Ha!  The “Ford Broncos!”  That’s funny!  1974?  What’s the point of a book about OJ Simpson from 1974?  The chapter called “Feeling Sorry for OJ” takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?

Mayflower Madam

Remember the Mayflower Madam?

Mayflower Madam
The Secret Life of Sydney Biddle Barrows

I was weeding biographies, and of course I started laughing when I got to this lovely book.  When I shared this particular find, only the over-40 crowd even remembered this scandal.  Of course I now feel old AGAIN!  I suppose this story would hardly make waves nowadays given our saturation level of scandals in the last 20 years.  Extra credit if you remember Candice Bergen in the 1987 TV movie!