Behave in Public cover


What to do when your Mom or Dad says “Behave in Public!”

I keep thinking maybe the author hasn’t actually been to a major sporting event (hockey in Detroit comes to mind),  Catholic church or a synagogue, or worked retail.  Otherwise she might do some actual explaining to kids.  I will spare you all 46 pages of this book, but you will get the drift from our few highlights here. I love how parents are absent from these illustrations. Also, our friend Joy has not mentioned the public library in her many places that might require appropriate behavior.

Who's in Charge?

A Parent Management System

Who’s in Charge?
A Positive Parenting Approach To Disciplining Children

You know I love the parenting books. (They are so optimistic!)  This is such a cool cover.  Note the mother’s calm demeanor.  What you can’t see is the cocktail and the gun.  This book is full of helpful charts and graphs.  (I have often whipped out a Power Point detailing my “issues” when my teens need some serious parenting–Totally works!)  The whole thing reminds me of a horrible performance evaluation form.  Maybe the parent will issue a TPS report after filling out the chart.

FYI friends, I graduated my last child on May 27 and have now taken up the moniker of “parent emeritus.”