Stranger Danger cover

Strangers Among Us

Stranger Danger
A Safety Guide for Children
Quiri and Powell

This is another one of those books that gives me the creeps. I keep wondering if this is the best method for talking to kids about personal safety.  This particular book is a bit different since it doesn’t pretend to be a story.  Situations are presented for discussion.  My first instinct is to weed it because of its age but I rather prefer the format of discussions rather than a story.  Take a look at these illustrations and you be the judge. Heck even the back cover scared me.

Uncle Willy's Tickles

Uncle Willy

Uncle Willy’s Tickles: A Child’s Right to Say No Aboff 2003 Submitter: Creepy! Holly: …Aaaaand we’re back to this subject.  What a horrible title!  There’s a fine line between making a serious subject “approachable” to kids through a title they