Rabies cover

A Rabid Book for the Kids


Submitter: The late, great Elaine Landau has a number of up-to-date quality titles out there. Perhaps this was one of them in 1993. I was in middle school then, and I wonder what my reaction to the severed skunk head would have been. I wasn’t prepared for it when I was flipping through it a few months ago.

[This was found in a] public library children’s collection.

Holly: I’m going to warn you all right now. DO NOT CLICK THROUGH IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO ANIMAL ISSUES! Just click over to Emergency Kitten blog instead and let today’s post go. I don’t need anyone swooning or getting mad at me for what you are going to see below. I don’t like it any more than you do, and while it’s not a bad book, I think this was a better choice for an adult collection than children’s. Severed heads indeed! Nice cozy bedtime story! Gross.