Aids: Principles, practices and politics

HIV/AIDS from the 1980s

AIDS: Principles, Practices, & Politics
Corless and Pittman-Lindeman

This book was published at the height of the AIDS crisis. This is a more academic title, but accessible enough for a general public library purchase. The 1989 publication date should immediately make this book a candidate for weeding. By the early 1990s, this book would have been outdated. Treatments and protocols for preventing transmission were already being updated. By the mid 1990s, even the term AIDS was on the way out and terms like HIV or the more generic sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), were replacing some of the older language.

Alex the Kid with AIDS

Alex, the Kid with AIDS

Alex, the kid with AIDS
Walvoord Girard

Submitter: What is worse than finding an awful library book on your shelf? Finding it because a patron tagged your library on Instagram!

This book was shelved in the children’s fiction area of a public library. There has to be better books on this subject now, especially targeted towards this age group. We were all collectively embarrassed when this appeared while searching for mentions of our library in Instagram. And our head of Materials Management immediately called for it to be weeded.

deadly deception cover

Deadly Deception

Deadly Deception: The Proof that Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS

Really?  1994?  Wow.  I’m really suprised it is that current (and yet…old in medical book terms).  There are some pretty “interesting” reviews of this book at  I can’t wait to hear what you all think!