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Color Me 1970s

Creative Decorating
on a budget
Better Homes and Gardens

I really love the decorating books we have on our site. I think just about everyone I knew as a teen was either decorating in that awful avocado green or the harvest gold yellow for their color scheme. This book at least features some more eye catching color, but the effect is over the top. I don’t think I could relax in any of the rooms presented. Too much matching colors or print between walls, furniture, and window treatments is just too much.

looking terrific cover

Fashion 101

Looking Terrific
Cho and Grover

First, props to the author for using the word “weeding” with respect to one’s personal wardrobe. Second, I kind of like how this book is set up with before and after. As a certified Glamour “don’t”, this is much better at illustrating the concepts of the author.  I actually understood what the author was trying to present. Fashion choices for both before and after? Yikes!  We really had hideous clothes back in the 1970s.