T-shirting coverT-Shirting: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Getting it On Your Chest

Submitter: I had high hopes from the cover this book might be a groovy book that, when put out on display might get someone to check it out. But alas, its one of those disappointing craft books with bad black and white images.

Holly: Fair warning before you scroll down: two of these images are potentially NSFW. One is a t-shirt model with “special skills” (image 6 below). This might have been a cool book in 1975, but I agree with Submitter: black and white images are just disappointing in a craft book. I want to see those chest handprints in living color (image 3 below…NSFW…).

T-shirting contents

T-shirting Introduction



T-shirt Model



  1. I kind of like that shirt at the bottom (or what I assume it would look like if it were in color), but what’s with the use of passive voice? “Glitter was added…” If we’re supposed to be able to recreate the outfit, give us directions. If it’s meant to be one of those craft books that just gives inspiration, you have two options: 1) spotlight the artist who conceived the idea with something like, “Then Jane used Scotch spray adhesive to add glitter” or 2) state it in the second person like “You can use plastic from a dry cleaning bag.” I hate passive voice in a craft book.

  2. Sure, because wearing an outfit with plastic down the middle of your chest, glitter all over, and holding AN ENTIRE TV ANTENNA above and behind your head won’t be at all uncomfortable.

    And we can really see the “garish combination of colors” so well on the monster outfit.

    The foot painting is just weird; are we supposed to think the wearer should be walked all over?

    Someone go back to 1975 and weed this before it hits the market.

    1. Footprint designs were a big fad, usually connected with the slogan “hang ten”. I had a footprint rug and at least one or two footprint-shaped notepads.

      I think the last model is leaning against the TV antenna, not holding it.

      1. I remember the foot print rugs. my best friend who had her own room (not sharing with three sisters) had a purple one and a pink one, a left and right foot. so jealous!!!

      2. I remember Hang Ten, but this appears to be about Hang 40, and all right feet.

        You’re probably right about the antenna, but the photos are so bad it’s hard to tell.

  3. The feet shirt might be cute if you used baby feet… especially for a bigger (thinking three or more) or extended family, then made a quilt out of the shirts later…

  4. I had this book! It started me on a long-lasting hobby of decorating shirts. The pictures are inspiration ideas rather than designs to be copied, so colour isn’t all that important.

    Sure, it would have been nice to have full-colour photos, but colour printing was EXPENSIVE. Nobody expected to find an ordinary book printed in full colour throughout. One like this might have a section of colour plates in the middle, at most.

    1. I’ll agree with the rarity and expence of color printing, but the text should not be written as if we can see the colors if we can’t.

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