Sweatshirts with Style

Sweatshirts with StyleSweatshirts with Style

I never would have guessed this was published as late as 1993!  Sadly, the cover is the only colorful part of the whole book.  It is filled with black and white directions, patterns, and templates.  If you’re looking for (horribly ugly) ideas on how to jazz up your sweatshirt, here you go!  Weeded from a public library after 19 years of questionable fashion advice.


Sweatshirts with Style back cover

skaters sweatshirt

nautical trim

Animal face


  1. And it was published by Chilton! It’s audience is long since dead, I think. I used to want to hang on to everything–but this would have gotten a toss for sure. We were so cramped for space that our guidelines became “buy one, weed one”. Keeping the collection looking fresh seemed to increase the circulation. I realized somewhere in my career, that we did not have to save everything. Someone, somewhere would have it. If it was cream, it would rise to the top and be republished or not. Changing media formats drove me crazy as we abandoned collections with abandon! First vinyl went, but we sold it to our users, who bought with a “tsk, tsk” under their breath. Then VHS was unloaded the same way. E-books are making things very interesting, aren’t they? Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. Hey, you can head on over to nancysnotions.com (Nancy Zieman’s store) to find lots more Mary Mulari classics!

  3. Ugh. Yeah, this was not a good purchase, even in 1993. The animal face on the child’s hooded sweatshirt is a cute concept, but the execution is awkward. (The ears would be much cuter if they were further apart, for instance.) And I have no words for the rest of the design ideas.

  4. I hate to say this, but I’ve seen some of these in stores, already done by a manufacturer. The hooded sweatshirt with the animal faces and the collared sweatshirt, especially.

  5. My grandmother must had this book. She never met a sweatshirt she couldn’t “make her own.” The doilies on the collar were a favorite of hers, and many a grandchild was gifted with an animal face sweatshirt (PS- cute on the under 5 crowd, creepy on the over 10 crowd).

  6. I guess it would be wrong of me to say that I think the dark pink one cute since everyone else seems to hate them all. *sighs*

  7. Is there a way to semi-weed it? Because I think the fashion trends may go from ugly late 80s neon to gaudy early 90s stonewash and jazzed up sweaters. The millenials will want a DIY source. 😉

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