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How to Decorate a Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts have made quite a few appearances on ALB. I am not exactly buying the premise that you can make a sweatshirt better by adding applique or collars. It’s still a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt doesn’t need to make a fashion statement. A sweatshirt is for when you are sick or cold. They are also appropriate when you are hiding from the world, post natal, prenatal, or feel the need to be at least one step above pajamas. Don’t forget to pair this with matching sweatpants or old yoga pants.

I know that many people feel that a cheery sweatshirt is a cool thing. You are wrong, but as librarian, I want to embrace your sweatshirt needs. I have seen some newer books, but they don’t look any better than those that came before.  At least get a book that doesn’t have a sweatshirt cult on the front and back cover.


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  1. Attention sweatshirt cult: This is the Fashion Police. Do not pass Go. Collect $1000 and proceed to the mall, where you will be given a free makeover and a new wardrobe..

  2. The navy one with the white collar and bow is nice, but everything else just screams Christmas gift made by grandma. And not in a charming way.

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