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Quick and Easy Quilted Sweatshirts
Stauffer and Hatch (editors)

Personal bias: I do not get the appeal of any modified sweatshirt. They never live up to the hype and work required for even the most enthusiastic sewer. Why would this even be a fashion choice for a grown woman?

Since we have featured more than a few sweatshirt/quilting type of fashions, I will give this particular book some extra credit for being a little more fashionable. (By no means take this as an endorsement of such fashion.) A sweatshirt is a specific type of garment that is for specific situations, such as working out, staying home sick, pregnancy comfort, and bouts of depression. It isn’t necessarily cute and it doesn’t require style. That’s why it is a sweatshirt.

Who ever came up with this, just stop already. Make a nice jacket or make a sweatshirt. Don’t jam them together and call them fashion.


back cover sweatshirts

trusty rusty bomber

flowered sweatshirt

christmas rose


  1. I’m a good seamstress but don’t nearly get enough time to put things together (cosplayer here).
    Why would you waste your precious time on absolute ugly?? Life is too short.
    Also in this category: crocheted toilet roll covers and calico covers for upright vacuum cleaners.

    1. My mother in law bought a vacuum handle cozy with a heavy ceramic bears head on it…we just laughed and laughed about that,which of course pissed off the MIL but seriously it was the most worthless creation I’ve ever seen. And within a day or 2 because of how top heavy it was it proceeded to fall over and took the vacuum cleaner with it…and broke into several pieces. Instead of tossing the worthless piece of junk MIL proceeded to (very poorly) glue it back together and it hung around for a few more years. Some people will just buy anything!

  2. When I was a teenager I wore a lot of sweatshirts with cartoon characters on them. But I hated the long sleeves. I’d push them up past my elbows to make them more like T-shirts. If I could modify such sweatshirts I’d make the sleeves short but they’d still be warmer in the winter than T-shirts.

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