Sweatin’ to an oldie!

The Natural Way to Keep In Shape coverThe Natural Way to Keep in Shape

Exercise books are so much fun!  This one cracked me up.  I could hardly gather the kind of exercise from the pictures and the fashion just about made me laugh out loud.  I don’t know what is funnier, trying to exercise in the bath or the ultra cool leg warmers. I also think the guy on the cover has a serious posture problem.  Pretty snazzy stuff for 1973!


The Natural Way to Keep In Shape

Back, arms, shoulders

stretch with a partner


  1. How big is that tub? I could do these exercises in my tub, but it’s 6 feet long, I can’t imagine doing them in a 5 foot tub. Maybe I’m just too tall.

  2. Maybe the guy on the cover with the bad posture is suffering from “dowager’s hump.” Also, I think those leg warmers are actually extremely tall socks. And why are all the women in their underpants?

  3. Aren’t exercise programmes from the seventies totally discredited? I seem to remember hear that they contain a lot of exercises that are actually quite damaging.

    Loving those hideous stripey tights!!

  4. @Ro – I thought it was the 80s with things like Buns Of Steel where they found that people were seriously injuring themselves.

  5. My mother had this book while I was growing up — I remember finding it when I was about eleven and, between being scandalized by the crotch shots and naked ladies in the tub, being introduced to this crazy thing called “yoga.” Now, sixteen years later, I’m a yoga teacher. I’m still thankful this otherwise terrible book gave me a first taste of something that has since changed my life!

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