Super TV Stars

Super TV StarsSuper TV Stars

Submitter: Wow.  Why was this book in my library?  I understand that teens and preteens enjoy media and like to look at magazines or websites about their favorite stars, but I’m pretty sure none of my students is crushing on William Shatner.  Yikes.

Holly: Kids today probably don’t even know what Baretta, the Six Million Dollar Man, and Welcome Back Kotter are.  Their loss! TV was so much better in the 70s and 80s…but alas, those days are over. Also, this book is in horrible condition.

Super TV Stars back cover

Super TV Stars contents

Jaime in the Ring

Six Million Dollar Man

Welcome Back Kotter

Star Trek


  1. Wow, most of these shows are actually before my time (born in 1977), but I still remember them because of two things: WTTG and WDCA. 😀 (That, and everyone reran Happy Days in the 1980s!) Still, this book is not in good shape, and it’d be better to get something that describes all these shows in retrospect.

  2. I was 12 in 1977 and would have loved this book, just based on that first table of contents page alone. Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter and Starsky and Hutch were pretty much “it” for me! The Six Million Dollar Man too, .

    1. Whoa-careful! Thou treadest on sacred Trekkie ground! Yes, he IS the (whisper-whisper) from the travel ad. Looks better in a suit than in stretch-knit!

  3. Not crushing on William Shatner? Have you been on Tumblr in – well, ever? Trust me, there’s plenty of kids who know these shows and these stars and are even crushing on them.

    Not as much as they are on David Tennent, Matt Smith, or Rufus Sewell, but they’re crushing on the people in this book just the same. Especially Shatner.

    1. I did not know the last name you mentioned and felt old and out of touch. But that guy’s 10 years older than I am! So I’ll just feel out of touch, then, and not old.

      1. Oh you’re missing out then! Rufus with his soul stealing eyes. You’ve got to see Shakespeare Retold: The Taming Of The Shrew. And of course Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. And Zen.

  4. I’m 35 and this is before my time! I think today’s are more interested in Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto than William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. (Still love the Original Series, personally!)

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