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Everything you need to know about Teen SuicideEverything You Need to Know About Teen Suicide

Submitter: My local library has two copies of the 1988 edition of Everything You Need to Know About Teen Suicide. Plus they have multiple copies of the 4 later editions of this book.  The fact that the publisher found it necessary to update this book 4 times since the 1988 publication tells a lot. This copy has data up to 1985 and resource help from 1988. Awful.

Holly: The title makes it sound like a how-to manual! It’s good that they update it often, but there’s no reason for any library to have multiple copies of anything but the most recent edition. Teen suicide as a result of cyber bullying is a recent trend that really should be covered in a book like this, and there’s no way it’s mentioned in a 1988 edition.


suicide rates chart

changes in behavior

getting help

where to go for help


  1. A “mood” called depression! Reason enough to get rid of this book…. What age is this intended for, anyway? Reads at about a 3rd-4th grade level—certainly not for YAs. (Even if you are trying to make this available to below-grade-level readers). Holy shitola!!!

  2. Can someone explain to me how the suicide rate fo r”young people” can be higher than that for “all ages” in 1980? Is that a percent or a hard number?

    1. It’s a rate, so total number of teen suicides divided by total number of teens. It is perfectly plausible for the teen suicide rate to be higher than the suicide rate for the population as a whole. Of course, there’s no label on the y axis, so it’s not terribly informative

    2. I suspect it’s a per capita percent. The general population commits suicide at a rate of x people per thousand; the youth population commits suicide at a rate of x+1 people per thousand.

  3. You know what’s depressing? I remember when phones still looked like that. I even remember when they had rotary dials instead of buttons. *sigh*

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