Submissions to this site are welcomed and encouraged!  We can’t promise that your submission will be posted (though 99% are…), but we can promise you anonymity if it is.  Here’s what to do:

Send an email to: awfullibrarybooks (at) Please include:

  • A scan of the cover of the item. JPGs are highly preferred.
  • Five or so other scans of pages or sections from within the item.  We’ll pick and choose what to use in the post.  We rarely post more than 5 pages, so please don’t scan the entire book.
  • A blurb about why you think it is an awful library book.  We may or may not agree, but your reasoning makes for a more interesting post.  Remember, these are awful “library” books, not just awful books. It has to exist in a library somewhere in the world – or have been recently weeded from one.
  • A citation for the item also helps. Title, author, and publication year – don’t worry about that horrible APA format, just let us know what item we’re working with.
  • The type of library it came from (public? university? church? legal?)
  • All media types are accepted. Awful library videos, audios…even brochures are acceptable.

All submissions become the property of Awful Library Books.