Stylin’ With Flair!

Mary Mulari’s Garments with Style: Adding Flair to Tops, Jackets, Vests, Dresses, and More!

Submitter:  I had to laugh at this one when I found it today on shelves in the small public library where I work. It’s only 16 years old. Only.

Holly: I would have guessed late 1980s by the pictures.  Did people still wear prints like that in the mid-90s? Either way, they are no longer “garments with style.”




  1. Well, I, for one, would still wear the tuxedo shirt with the floral stuff on it, except I’d want a dark colored shirt like purple or royal blue as I never wear white anymore.

  2. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who saw “flair” and immediately thought of Office Space. Yes, I know it’s a different kind of flair, but we all know people who think if some is good more is better, whether it’s tacky buttons at a chain restaurant or dated prints on “garments with style”…

    1. @anne: it was what I thought of first. 🙂 Best scene in that movie is the whole flair discussion.

  3. Oh, Anne and Mary beat me to it, but I also thought immediately of “Office Space” and Jennifer Anniston’s character being called on the carpet for not having enough “flair” on her uniform.

  4. I hate to sound overdramatic, but I will DIE if somebody doesn’t find a copy of Sweatshirts with Style and post tons of pictures.

  5. I kind of like the wool striped vest with the squares (but only if they were actually embroidered and not sponge-painted). It would pair well with a dark purple cord skirt and boots, very etsy! But, yes, the book needs to go…

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