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Stroke of Luck coverStroke of Luck

I am always on the lookout for sports stories, especially those featuring female characters. According to the author bio, Ellis worked on Degrassi, which is a big endorsement in my book. This book sounds terrific: ice skating, drama, and mysterious accidents.  I smell a Nancy Kerrigan / Tonya Harding type of drama!

This should be a book that works well around my neck of the woods (Winter sports are big around here.) However, no one has touched this book in over a decade. In this case, I am going to blame the cover art. The picture looks off. Is she winking? Is she blind? Does she have a twitch? Now all can think of is that movie Ice Castles.


Stroke of Luck back cover

Stroke of Luck exerpt

The Missing Skates


  1. I agree with you on the cover art, Mary. I don’t know why publishers continue to shoot themselves in the foot with this. I once had a new YA book (I no longer remember the title) that was a heck of a lot of fun to read, but kids just looked at it and shook their heads no.

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