Stress Busters!

Managing Stress coverManaging Stress: From Morning to Night
Time-Life Books

Mary: I thought this title would be an excellent kickoff to our new and improved site. Hopefully, you will notice that pictures are loading faster. Both of us will continue to tweak this as we go along. We appreciate your patience for the last few days. Special shout out to my partner-in-crime, Holly, who spent the last few days slaving over our website, while I ate and drank my way through New Orleans. (BTW, my stress is totally busted!)

Submitter: We pulled this book from the shelves of a high school public library when looking for books on stress and relaxation. The pictures made us burst out laughing. My personal favorites include the man clutching a cork in his mouth (where did the cork come from? His liquid lunch?) for “jaw relaxation” and the lady slumped over at her desk who appears to be looking up her own skirt.

Holly: The advice and the exercises are probably fine, but it’s sooooo 1980s! And thank you, Mary, but the real credit goes to Insites Web Design and LitBreaker. They put the thing together; I just loaded the files and activated plugins!

Various poses

Morning massage

Nine to Five

desk excercises

toe touching

lunchtime aerobics

Jaw unclenchers


  1. I notice you still have “Link1|Link2|Link3” at the bottom of your pages, above the copyright statement.

    For me, the names of the moves on page 1 are the best. “Wind blowing lotus” etc. And I love the steam gauges on the secretaries wall, behind her Macintosh 512e!

    1. Yup – still kicking the tires on this new theme. We’ll get something in those link spots very soon!

  2. Actually, the poses the guy is doing in that first scan (the top one after the cover) look like tai chi poses, though he doesn’t look like he’s doing them quite right. Tai chi is used for stress management, but not like that- you’re never supposed to fully extend your joints, which he is doing in most of those pictures. This would also explain the names- “parting the horses’ manes” and “cloud hands” are definitely tai chi terms. The other scans, though, I have no explanation for.

  3. Desk Position #1 suggests “Network crash,” and #4 is sort of how I look when the last kid leaves.

  4. Judging by his expression in the next three pictures, that cork did not taste good.

  5. I like the comment link below the pages. Previously it was:
    Scroll down past example pages
    Scroll back up to comments link
    Scroll back down past the example pages to the comment entry field

    Now you just scroll down once.

  6. The woman in the striped shirt is apparently trying to deliver her own baby. “Is it crowning yet?” No wonder she’s stressed!

  7. The new site looks nice. Sadly, I usually see the site on my cell phone and now I can no longer make the images bigger to view details.

    1. Ninian, Holly and I will get on this. We are still getting some kinks worked out.

  8. How come the men get to wear exercise outfits and the women have to wear office clothing?

  9. If a guy came anywhere near me dressed like that and said he was executing “Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane” I would send for the people in the white coats!

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