Straight Talk

sexually transmitted disease

Straight Talk About
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Brodman, Thacker and Kranz

Not a bad choice for the early 90’s but of course medical information is suspect after five or so years.  I did appreciate the candor of this book and simply would recommend an updated version (and maybe a snappier cover). I know I sound like a broken record, but this really chaps my MLIS when there is  old stuff in teen health collections. Please get in there and weed!


sexually transmitted disease


  1. Forgot to check the stupid box to enable comments… my bad… Think I will blame this one on the sorry ass cold I have right now…Comment away!

  2. I bet the myths about AIDS include ‘only gay people get it’. (AIDS was originally know as GRID – Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome!!) These days, it would be ‘only young people get it’, because the fastest growing group of people with AIDS is middle-aged people who are divorced, and have started having non-manogamous sex for the first time in 30 years.

  3. The main things that have changed with AIDS since 1993 are the treatment options and the likely patient outcomes–it’s night and day. I would hate for someone who just found out they’re HIV-positive to be looking at 20-year-old material when trying to figure out what the future holds….

  4. Weed and replace. This is a book I can see kids taking to a corner and reading privately. Very important that we have up to date information on books kids need to read and are uncomfortable asking questions about.

  5. There’s also the issue that a book this old will completely omit the HPV vaccine and any information about HPV and cervicle cancer–definatly need an update.

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