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A Day in the Life of a Meteorologist
Witty and Witty

If you are thinking of switching careers, maybe you should become a meteorologist. This book gives you the ins and outs of your average TV meteorologist – in 1981. It’s not the worst book, but there isn’t a lot of discussion on meteorology other than in a TV context. However, I just think that it’s a rather limited view of a career. I keep thinking it is more about broadcasting than actual science. Not all meteorologists are on television, and not all TV weather reporters are meteorologists. Poor Joe’s credentials and training aren’t even mentioned. I really think that most career books, especially aimed at young people, should have training and education requirements within the text.

This book makes one believe that all Joe does is look up the temperature at the airports and then go on camera and tell everyone. I am super picky (okay a bit obsessed) about career books. They are supposed to give a sense of what the job entails and the training required. The librarian equivalent of this book would be pictures of librarians reading (for fun!), and then going home. This is hardly a true picture of the profession.

A real librarian career picture book:

  • Endless meetings
  • Email. (So much email!)
  • Arguing with vendors
  • Asking vendors to correct billing
  • Writing incident reports
  • Writing reports no one reads
  • Crying

You know, reality. 🙂




  1. Joe wouldn’t have anything to report if there weren’t lots of non-TV meteorologists looking at the data and putting it into the NWS computer for him to dial into. Similarly, if he’s actually a meteorologist (instead of just a weather presenter), he’s got a degree or two and can do some forecasting on his own.

    And no green screen? Definitely no SuperDoppler3000 radar either.

  2. KYW!!! KYW!! I remember that station! They still use that wordmark/font! They’d announce all the school closings using code numbers. You had to know that XYZ County College was 11342 or something. Eeeee thank you for posting this one.

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