Stop Laughing!

I Love to Laugh coverI Love to Laugh

Submitter: Found on the picture book shelves of a public elementary school.  As I was shelving a Laura Numeroff book the other day, this gem caught my eye.  I was immediately struck by the illustration on the cover.  Is that crayon?  Colored pencil?  More importantly, is this a story about a special needs boy?  As I read the introduction (expertly penned by one Manuel S. Silverman, Ph.D.), I learned this was a story about the dangers of laughing too much.  The combo of the ridiculous story line along with the odd illustrations (notice how Louie’s weight fluctuates from one page to the other – perhaps this should be a story about the dangers of unchecked thyroid problems.), really brightened my day!

Holly: Not to mention, you can tell from the scan of the cover that this is pretty worn out.

note for parents and teachers

why do you laugh so much?

Louie the Laugher

Something funny about his sorry

Kids make popcorn


  1. Well, this is what happens when you get hepped up on goof balls. Look at them crazy laughing kids.

  2. Those are some really badly done illustrations. And laughing too much is harmful, really? I think looking at the godawful pictures are more harmful to you than laughing will ever be.

  3. My first thought on seeing the cover was “Crap! Another book by that divorcing Satanist woman!” Shows how much this site has ruined me.

  4. That is really odd. I guess it’s trying to make a point about reacting appropriately to social cues, but…failing. Badly.

    Besides, if you laugh too much you start floating, that’s all. Did Mary Poppins teach the author nothing?

  5. I remember this book from when I was a kid. I think there were some more books with the same illustrator, maybe part of a series?

  6. Hard to be sure without higher resolution scans, but I’ll go with colored pencil for the art.

  7. Me too, Lurker, it looks like another in the series.

    I do have a friend that laughs because she’s socially awkward. I reeeeeally don’t think this book will help her.

  8. Louie definitely sounds like he has Asperger’s. One of the traits is laughing/smiling at inappropriate times.

  9. I have that yellow air popper popcorn maker in the last picture (I still use it too). I guess it’s even older than I thought!

  10. I plugged the author name into the LC catalog. His only other work is Opiate Addiction: Theory and Process. Now we know why they have those looks n their faces. Just sayin. . .

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