Staying Safe by Saying No

Staying Safe by Saying No -coverStaying Safe By Saying No

The information in this book is sound. Don’t talk to strangers, don’t take candy from strangers, don’t get in cars with strangers…the book itself is fine.

I think the pictures are both hilarious and super old fashioned, though. What is the kid on the cover doing? Is that a finger gun? He’s giving that guy the what for.

The image below has an old, boxy looking car, the guy in the passenger seat is pointing in the kid’s face, and the kid is NOT HAVING IT. He’s too close, though. Back up, kid. Snatchers gonna snatch.

Good for you, boys. Tell them off and run like hell. Their late-90s car can’t keep up with you.


Stranger in a car


  1. I think on the front cover the kid is saying, “Hey dude, your cap is on backwards!” it was the 90’s after all.
    And the man in the car is saying, “Quick kid, pull my finger!” lol

    1. OK, so this helps me prevent being abducted when I’m young. What about all those elderly lottery winners out there? What does the “Abduction Prevention Library” have for them?

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