Stayin’ Alive

keep your body alive and well

Keeping your body alive and well

In 1978, maybe this isn’t the worst choice for a youth collection, but  2010, no question.  This book is more than 100 pages and doesn’t seem to end any time soon.  I have assembled some of my favorite pages for your perusal.   Note how how wild beasts and animals are referenced.  I really wish she had included some illustrations of wild beasts along with the animals.  Wait a minute!  Maybe she means the people are the wild beasts.  Now it makes more sense!




  1. Joy Wilt/Hergie again. To be honest I would rather see more of the embarrassing parents. Dig that dog on the cover though…

  2. That dangerous dirty hair is new to me, too, a. People in the past didn’t wash their hair for weeks on end.

  3. The “dirty hair can give you an eye infection” thing sounds like a bullshit excuse to get kids to wash their hair.

    Poor shuddering deer. 🙁

  4. I thought I had thought up every reason in the world to get my kids to wash their hair, but “it could cause an eye infection” never even occurred to me!

  5. My step-grandma still goes weeks on end without washing her hair (she gets it set once a month at the salon). I don’t know how she can stand it!

  6. One of the reasons people wore wigs in the 17th-18th centuries was because they didn’t bathe or wash their hair regularly. No wonder they all had lice and fleas, and the accompanying diseases!

  7. My kids read books over 100 pages long.

    “The “dirty hair can give you an eye infection” thing sounds like a bullshit excuse to get kids to wash their hair.”

    Yeah, really. This is like how my parents used to tell me there were more vitamins in the CRUST of bread so I should finish my sandwiches. I think I believed this until I was 21. What a dope!

    Wish I had a copy of this, it would be fun to laugh at.

  8. In my women’s studies classes, we talked about the differences between white hair and black hair. I learned from my african american classmates that they go a lot longer between washings because their hair is drier. I bet this advice might screw up some african american kid.