Star Wars on the Webz

Incredible Internet Guide to Star Wars

The Incredible Internet Guide to  Star Wars

Submitter: Found in 791s when pulling material for a display. I guess people were excited enough about the Phantom Menace in 1999 that a book collecting all the Star Wars fan sites was more useful than a Web Ring (remember those?) or, ya know, a Google search? Incredibly, it had circed in the last 2 years. The book is full of Geocities and Tripod sites,which led me to discover that Tripod is still around in 2018, and the (not about Star Wars) page I put up on Tripod in 1998 and then stopped updating is still live!

Holly: People do love all things Star Wars! Seriously, though…Geocities and Tripod? Lame. That’s pretty funny that Submitter’s site is still live twenty years later, though.



    1. In the 90s, that was more common than you think. Search engines were not nearly as good at reading your mind and finding what you sought. Even correcting misspelled words was still a few years away.

  1. Back in the days of Geocities, there were people who used to have pages full of favorite quotes, jokes and the silly things friends said. I loved those sites and wish I could find them again

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