Star Crossed Lovers

natalie wood and robert wagner

Natalie and R.J.
Hollywood’s Star-Crossed Lovers

Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood were considered Hollywood royalty. The story of their relationship and her sudden death in 1981 makes for a juicy biography. Recently, Wagner was named a “person of interest” in the death of Natalie Wood. I could see a resurgence of interest in the case, and in their lives. In the meantime, this book has been languishing in the biographies.

As a weeding candidate, this would probably vary library by library depending on the interest of your community. The recent interest could spark a resurgence for this title, but for now, I wouldn’t really hesitate in weeding the particular book. There are more current books and even RJ himself penned a memoir back in 2009.

The story of Natalie Wood will probably always be one of those great mysteries and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another, especially if new evidence in her death surfaces.


back cover

inside flaps

behind the scenes

Natalie and R.J.'s wedding

Natalie's drowning


  1. I suppose that the best thing to recommend this book is the celebrity endorsements on the back. Other than that, I’d look for a newer book.

  2. Those aren’t celebrity endorsements. They are standard reviews of the author’s other celebrity biographies.

  3. I’m a Hollywood mysteries aficionado. Natalie and Bob Crane still haunt me. I recommend an older but good book, Hollywood’s Unsolved Mysteries, by John Austin.

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