Stacy Had a Little Sister

Stacy Had a little sisterStacy Had a Little Sister

Submitter: This book was written to help kids whose families were affected by SIDS [sudden infant death syndrome]. The cover alone is off putting enough for me- Stacy’s parents ooh and ahh over their new baby while Stacy herself seems to be plotting something. Sure enough, in the pages, the….interesting watercolor illustrations lead me to believe that Stacy definitely has more to do with her sister’s death than SIDS alone. She does not like the idea of having a new sister, and as in [the first image, below] seems to be contemplating her a little too seriously. When the big bad does happen we come to [image 2, below] – the adults are talking about what happened during the funeral I think. Stacy, however, looks like she needs to start plotting other accidents…THEY’RE ON TO HER. In the last photo, Stacy regards the picture of her and her sister sadly. Maybe she wouldn’t have minded being a big sister? Nah, being the only child rules!

Holly: Awwww, poor Stacy. I think she just looks sad, and possibly a little jealous of the attention.The second picture just looks to me like she really doesn’t understand what’s going on. I’d like to see more of the text of the story. Does it explain what SIDS is and ensure the child it is not her fault the baby died, even if she was jealous? I’m on the fence about this one until I see more of the story line. It’s close to 20 years old, though, so it should definitely be looked at for condition and currency of the information provided, if nothing else.

Stacy looks at the baby

Stacy at funeral

Stacy will remember her sister


  1. I agree that the point of Stacy being resentful and wanting her little sister gone is that she may feel responsible when it happens. I hope so, anyway.

  2. I daresay your “submitter” has revealed more about him/her- self than about Stacy. Having known a family that went through this, I would say this looks like a sensitive attempt to address the trauma and fear that goes along with it.

      1. I agree with whoever said Doris needs her own category. Those books are all on their own level. O_O

        This book, from what I can tell though, seems sensitive and sweet, and hopefully it does remind children that their little sibling dying isn’t their fault at all, even if they once wished for it. If anything, the submitter seems to be the one that has some issues…

        I’m lucky that I’ve never experienced losing a sibling to SIDS. My mom lost one of her baby sisters because of it, though. I’m not sure how she handled it because I think she was pretty little when it happened. We are fortunate enough that we live in a time when there is all kinds of info about how to prevent SIDS, but sadly it still happens.

    1. Me too, Lurker. Though if it was a book by You-Know-Who (SSSSSH!) it would feature a talking dove talking in strange metaphors, sinister people in hoods, and embarrassingly inappropriate use of Ebonics.

  3. I, too, wondered if this was a D.S. number, but the illustration style is different. Doris loves her nauseating colored pencils in lurid colors, and this has a more muted scheme. That’s not to say they aren’t terrible, because they are. Like, what’s going on with Stacy’s arm in the last picture.

    I’ll also agree that, based on what I can see here, I don’t have the same suspicion of Stacy that our submitter does. “Contemplating her a little too seriously”? I think you need to step back from the crime dramas, dude. Whether or not it’s a useful books on SIDS I can’t tell from three pictures and one line of text, but it seems to be attempting to explore Stacy’s feelings.

  4. Seeing as the baby is sleeping on her side, I’m going to hazard a guess that the information is out of date, since the recommendations now are on the back.

  5. This book, despite the age, seems to have good reviews. Stacy is first sad cause Ashley gets all the attention, then Ashley dies and Stacy’s parents fight a lot so she’s even sadder. That’s basically the story but no one seems to have any objection to it in the reviews.

  6. Submitter here- sorry if I offended anyone, I was trying to be funny. The book is 19 years old, so I figured it’d be okay. The story goes that Stacy doesn’t like the idea of a new sister, and, just as she’s starting to warm up to the idea, her sister dies. Stacy had trouble understanding why her sister died, and gets scared that she could “catch” SIDS herself. Her parents reassure her that she can’t catch it, and that they love her very much. The book as a whole just kind of weirds me out. I feel that at very least it could use an update for the times. I certainly don’t think it belongs in the picture books section.

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