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Submitter: Look what I found while out weeding in our little County library today: . Check out “Marc” on page 77. His mom made the pillows and bedspread. And just look at that wet bar on page 69.

Holly: Groovy! We can’t see page numbers in the images submitted, but Marc is the fly guy in the sunglasses in the last image and the wet bar is spectacular in the image just above that one.

The Box

Guide to good sounds

wood paneled interior

van with bar area


  1. Hehehe, I laughed out loud at the pic of that “mini van”! It looks like someone crossed a van with an AMC Pacer.

  2. Scary and creepy! In around 1995 we wanted to buy a station wagon, and the first dealer we went to (Chevrolet) tried to steer us to some van conversion things. I was rather insulted. So we got a Volvo :-).

  3. Back in the 1970’s and early 80’s, my dad had the most glorious Dodge van! We had a bed in the back so that when the family took long vacations, sis and I could sleep in the back. I miss that monstrosity!

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