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Another pick from Mary’s Swedish Death Cleaning Project

My husband and I spent a couple of years in the UK. Hubs was frequently doing work in Germany as well. We thought it would be fun to take a German course through our local community education. It was fun and hubs felt comfortable ordering beer with other engineers after a hard day making cars. The book itself was a good choice for a community education class.

If this were for a public library I would have to say no. Since it’s mostly a workbook, it is probably not the best use of a budget. This would be a good donation for the book sale though.

The thing I can’t understand is why we kept 2 copies?



  1. I love submissions like this! Languages are always fun.

    In the 1960, my Father-in-Law was traveling in Germany on business. At a hotel bar he ordered a dry martini.

    He received three vermouths.

  2. I believe this was the workbook for my very first German class, taken somewhere around 2002 (?). Yeah, no reason to keep two copies. No reason even to hold on to one, unless it “sparks joy” somehow. Either you’ve advanced beyond the need for it, or it isn’t doing you much good anyway.

  3. I had the Chinese version of this workbook for when I was in China and it helped a lot, but I can’t really see why it would be good for a library. It’s definitely something you keep and mark up.

  4. Oo! I remember a different language of this same series. Biggest memory: Vienna Convention road signs with no text beyond numbers, which went to 90. The currencys in your German book would make it weed worthy I think, if it was on a bookstore shelf.

  5. Plus, language evolves. We can debate exactly how much it has evolved since 1992, but either way, there are newer versions of this book out there regardless that would likely be a better choice.

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