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Submitter: It’s actually not a *terrible* book. It’s a book that briefly covers dozens of sports, well, from A to Z. No deep information, also no alphabet recognition, it’s just a trivia sort of book. Not terrible, just not of wide interest either.  It hasn’t checked out at my public library in some time, and with its 2000 publication date, it’s a candidate for weeding according to the CREW method. What makes it a definite for weeding was the back cover (pictured). Who on earth thought that was a good idea???

Holly: Sometimes I wonder about the publishing industry. The front cover is pretty cool, and would probably catch a child’s attention, but the back cover will just have them giggling in the stacks. (See below.) You can’t really even tell she’s on a climbing wall.  If it’s the best you can do, it isn’t the worst thing out there, but I agree with Submitter that it has limited appeal.

Sports A to Z back cover


  1. Very odd choice — she appears to be imitating a frog. Couldn’t they find a better picture of a female doing something?

  2. How can a *2000* book about SPORTS *already* be outdated? Its not a book about technology or current events.

    1. It’s probably not the content that’s outdated so much as the presentation. Not the worst book on the subject, but there’s probably newer out there that would better appeal to young readers.

  3. TF, as much as we might not want to admit it, 2000 was 13 years ago. The book is older than most of its target audience. The fashions are definitely outdated, and any references to world records or star athletes will surely be out of date as well.

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