Spanking vs Doctor Appointment

I'd rather get a spanking than go to the doctorI’d Rather Get a Spanking Than Go To the Doctor

This title isn’t at all creepy.

Thanks to an alert Twitter follower, I was referred to this title and couldn’t wait to see if someone had it locally. I was not disappointed!

The premise is that a little girl is told she has to go to the doctor for some shots. The girl then lists all the things she would rather do instead including cleaning her room and even getting a spanking. She ends up at doctor’s office and getting her shots. The book never does talk about what actually is involved in getting a shot and the illustrations don’t help explain either.

I understand the point, but the execution is not that great. The book is also stained (God, I hope it is coffee!)  I say weed it and get something newer.


going to doctor for shots

spanking better than doctor

Not so bad was it

feel better, want ice cream



  1. Lets see how many replies we’ll get about the neverending controversy of spanking and/or vaccinations.

  2. I was only spanked maybe twice during my childhood, but I think it hurts a lot more than getting a shot. 🙂

  3. Uh, wow. That “I’d rather get a spanking” picture is…questionable. Especially when you look at the page directly under it.

  4. This might be a stupid question, but are those balloons surrounding her part of the wallpaper in the doctor’s exam room, or are they in celebration of her being the 100,000th kid to receive a shot/get a spanking? O_o

    1. When I was a kid (in the 1980s, mostly), my pediatrician’s office had wallpaper a lot like that. Only it ALSO had clowns. I’m not afraid of clowns, but I really don’t like them. I wonder if there is some association.

  5. I hate these things that only serve to make a child needlessly scared of something!

    When I was a dental assistant we would get parents bringing their wee children in and be telling them all about horrors of the ‘murder house’ (a common name for children’s dental services in NZ). I wanted to slap the parents – they were making the whole process harder for everyone involved!

  6. I think some couples who don’t have children get to choose between these options from time to time.

    For children, I suppose shots are only one of many indignities that happen when you go to the doctor, and when you may not be feeling well anyway. So perhaps the book shouldn’t be specific.

    It could be diabetes or something – then an injection can give you immediate relief.

    Children learn that adults are alarmed by references to the back side, but to children it’s immensely funny, with alarming the adults being a big part of it. This song from Shrek comes to mind:

  7. To a child of vaccination age, it does feel like they’re using you as a pincushion, and it seems to go on and on forever.

    A book about getting your jabs and how it’s not nearly as bad as you fear… that’s OK. But it would be a lot better if there was some simple explanation about why you’re being stuck with needles, that it’s to protect you against bad diseases and it’s not just the grown-ups being sadistic.

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