Soviets in the 1980s

soviety union until 1984

Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?
1981; revised and expanded edition

Having a date as part of the title automatically limits its shelf life. Even if the title just said “Will the Soviet Union Survive?” probably could have bought more time on a shelf. Having said that, these books do have a place in a university or archival collection. Public libraries, on the other hand, would probably be better retiring this and replacing with historical retrospectives.

This is a good reminder that although we talk about general “rules” for collection maintenance, this is really the job of the collection development policy and library mission. No two libraries will have the same collection or “flavor”. For that matter, no two librarians look at a collection in the same manner. The uniqueness of a library, and its community will shape how collections develop.






  1. This item is missing the usual author and date info 🙁 — I assume it was published sometime between 1971 and 1984?

  2. So, the answer is “yes — but not a whole lot longer”.

    Definitely a weeder. Heck, probably should have been weeded in 1985.

    My husband was working for a defense contractor in the late 80s-early 90s and we made jokes about what a secure job he had, “cuz what — peace is gonna break out? The Cold War is gonna suddenly end? The Soviet Union is going to collapse?”

    Whoops. Luckily his job was for a subsidiary, not the main boom-boom pew-pew part, and they got sold to another conglomerate. No more quarterly reports featuring attack helicopters.

      1. Yeah, the new company (not in the business of killing people) kept him on at same salary, benefits, office and all. So we were more amused than worried. And the quarterly reports were much less “colorfully” illustrated.

  3. We had the same problem in the chain bookstore I used to work in. Due to whatever defective algorithms determined whether to return books or not, “The Great Depression on 1995” was on the shelves until around 1999.

    1. I’m guessing that’s a book that figured the recession of the late ’80s-early ’90s would turn into a depression? It seems to be nearly un-Googlable, lost amid many books about the /actual/ Great Depression that were published in 1995.

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